Adolf Hitler - The Full Essence of The Man By Ellis Toney (c.) 1958


 Weather you take this story to be fiction or true is your choice but remember it was once said that it is the victor of a war who gets to write the history.

The year was 1957, where I had just graduated from Wisconsin university with a degree in journalism. The Soviet Union had launched Sputnik 2, actor Humphrey Bogart died, Ford introduced the Edsel, the Wham-O company produced the first Frisbee, and "I Love Lucy" was in it's last season with everyone dancing to "Jailhouse Rock".

Working at my first job as a reporter for a small Wisconsin town paper but a publication owned by the Hearst Corporation, my assignments were covering mostly small town human interest stories. One afternoon while typing up my latest story for publication, my editor called me into his office. Little did I know that afternoon would lead into the adventure that no other journalist ever experienced or will experience in scope nor when my editor said I would be covering some escaped Nazies, that it would be Adolf Hitler and his family.

Through a special agreement with my newspaper's publisher and Joseph Goebbels I was given unprecedented access to Adolf Hitler and his family for six weeks at their home in Patagonia, Argentina. In this experience I learned much about the man, his public and private life, his values, and his sense of being. I learned the full essence of the man Adolf Hitler.


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