Adolf Hitler - The Full Essence of The Man

 In my first meeting with Hitler I asked him about the end of WWII. Hitler explained to me that in January 1945 the Gestapo had confirmed that Russia was close to obtaining the bomb and if Germany was still at war with Russia, Stalin would have used it as a revenge weapon. So to spare not only Germany but the rest of Europe including the Allied forces from the effects of an atomic attack by Russia. Hitler offered to withdrawal his declaration of war against the United States through a series of meetings at the Hotel de Bilderberg, near Arnhem in the Netherlands. From these meetings a document was drafted known as the "Bilderberg Agreement"

Adolf Hitler's wife and two daughters along with the Goebbels family were evacuated out of Germany to the Netherlands in February 1945.  For there to be any consideration of any proposed agreement General Eisenhower demanded pre-condition that Adolf Hitler relinquished all power to Joseph Goebbels who then became Chancellor of Germany.

Hitler explained further that the agreement between General Eisenhower and Chancellor Goebbels was that Germany would withdraw it's declaration of war against the United States. Further that Adolf Hitler having not been found guilty of any crime would be allowed with his family to move to Argentina but would have to give up his German citizenship promising never to return to Germany and removing himself from membership in the Nazi party. For impartiality Hitler said he was not attendance. 

As Hitler said that in such agreement Chancellor Goebbels would provide to the United States all documentation obtained by the Gestapo as to Russia's atomic bomb program in addition to any technical information developed by German scientists pertaining to such weapons as developed by Germany. These developments were later known as "Operation Paperclip" In return the United States would be responsible for the rebuilding Germany under what later became known as the "Marshal Plan".

Chief Negotiator for Adolf Hitler:                   Chancellor Joseph Goebbels

Chief Negotiator for the United States:       General Dwight D. Eisenhower

Prime Minister Winston Churchill insisted that Great Britain be a part of the negotiations however Goebbels would not agree to that because this was an agreement between Germany and the United States. Eisenhower demanded that Churchill be present. Goebbels threatened to strike the offer. After heated discussion between Eisenhower and Goebbels it was agreed that the Duke of Windsor would represent King George VI only in the capacity of an observer. 

The Duke & Dutchess of Windsor prior to the war were friends of the Hitler's. Also the former U.S. Ambassador to England Joseph P. Kennedy was brought in capacity as a mediator for the two sides. A two week timetable for the negotiations was agreed too. If there was no agreement at the end of the timetable there would be one week period for mediation.

I had also asked Hitler that during the period of the agreement the Yalta Conference was occurring and I was surprised that he was fully aware of Yalta. Hitler also explained that Yalta help to move the agreement forward because Eisenhower felt the conceptual structure of our agreement was establishing the infrastructure for the formal surrender which he wanted. It was at this time that Eisenhower wanted to integrate our agreement as part of Yalta because Eisenhower wanted everyone involved because to him the agreement was an agreement of surrender. Hitler went on to explain that Eisenhower began to slow the process with sidebar issues plus on a daily basis we were all getting reports on the atrocities in the camps in eastern Europe.

Goebbels repeatedly explained to Eisenhower that elements within the SS/military that had committed those acts would be punished by death and that he himself would be available to investigation even though no evidence was ever established of his or Hitler's involvement which Eisenhower understood. 

According to Hitler Goebbels again threatened to strike the agreement. It was at this time that Joseph P. Kennedy in his position asked both sides for two days of mediation before talks would continue because of his idea to establish the agreement as a way forward to a formal surrender. Kennedy explained that what he was seeing was a truce and to work out an establishment of a process to a formal surrender. Hitler said that Kennedy worked it to where our agreement would be accepted by the United States with an understanding on both sides that it was a part of a process to formal surrender.


Both Goebbels and Eisenhower agreed but Hitler further went on to say that Goebbels was ready to walk out completely if Kennedy could not have reached Eisenhower. Hitler said that it was an amazing process for which everyone involved began to get a sense of viewpoint of each other where it no longer was just two sides sitting down but a team of people working together to move through series of legalities and issues in reaching a common understanding which then leads to the next part being the agreement. "Bilderberg Agreement"


Hitler also said that in reference to the United Nations/NATO if he was still in power he not have allowed Germany to become involved in those organizations because he would have established his agreements and treaties with individual nations. The lesson he learned is one can never govern through global order one can govern through commonwealth 

 (1.) Hotel de Bilderberg  (2.) Bilderberg Negotiations (2b) Hitler with Goebbels (3.)  Adolf Hitler speaking with Lord Hollingsworth and Joseph P. Kennedy  (4.)  The Goebbels's and Hitler's departing the Netherlands for Argentina 





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